At High Point we believe that the church has more to do with people and their lives than it does with a time and place.

Church is not just something you go to, it’s a community to be a part of, centered around the person and mission of Jesus. As a community redeemed and renewed by the good news we found in Christ, our goal is to make Him famous and His blessing known to those in our surrounding communities. We see this taking place first in our church community and then reaching out to those around us.

So what exactly does this look like?

Those Among Us…

As those who have been rescued through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are his people, the happy subjects of our great King. As we await his return, we constantly remind, rebuke, and encourage one another to stand firm in the hope of the Gospel. We are all members of his blood bought family. We commit to love and serve one another in any and every way needed that we might proclaim to each other the love and redemption that we have in Jesus. We do this formally and informally. We meet regularly as a church to see Jesus more clearly and encourage each other in the knowledge of him. As we spend time together over dinner, at work, at games, in the community, and relaxing in homes, we remind each other through word and deed of the Gospel of Jesus.

Those Around Us…

Just as Jesus has entered our broken lives and rescued us from them, we want to walk alongside those suffering around us and proclaim to them the rescue of Jesus. We love and serve both the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the white collar and the blue collar, and everyone in between.

In our effort to be intentional ambassadors of Christ’s love and purposes for ourselves and others, we have specific ministries targeting a variety of groups and a specific vision for how community is organized and growing.