The Pastoral staff at High Point would love to sit down with you and provide a biblical perspective on the challenges of your life and struggles you are facing. Our counseling philosophy is founded on 3 foundational principles:

  • The Bible is God’s revealed Word and the foundational authority on all matters of life and morality.
  • God’s Word is thoroughly sufficient to provide answers to all life issues effecting both the physical body and the soul.
  • God’s Word tells us of Christ, the redeemer of a fallen world, the healer of all suffering, and the coming hope that will never disappoint.

While none of our Pastors are Licensed Profession Counselors (LPC) many have degrees and certificates in the filed of counseling and have counseled through issues such as: Pre-marital and Marriage, Family, Grief, Addictions, Finances, and other life issues.

There is no charge for our counseling services and if you’d like to speak with one of our Pastors and discuss the possibility of receiving counsel please call the church office at 610.286.5942 ext. 100.