The Pastors at High Point are committed to serve. Their desire is to be accessible to needs; the following links aid in contacting them for help and to determine what type of care you might need.

Emergency Care:

Examples of emergency care include death, illness (as well as hospital visit requests), marital crises, domestic violence, child abuse or other personal counseling needs. In event of an emergency please contact the church office at 610.286.5942 ext. 100. For members or regular attendees of High Point please refer to your church directory for Pastoral contact information and home phone numbers as needed.

Non-Emergency Care:

Examples of non-emergency needs are theological questions, personal problems, life questions, financial needs, practical needs, or prayer. To receive non-emergency care the best course of action is to come to one of weekly scheduled services and meet with one of our Pastors or deacons. You may also call the church office at 610.286.5942 ext. 100 to schedule an appointment with one of our Pastors, or let them know you would like to meet with them following a church service.