Life Groups:

A Life Group is a small group of people who meet in homes in order to develop a deeper spiritual family where we experience and demonstrate the love and power of Christ. The goal of a Life Group is not “teaching” or “fellowship.”  While these are important elements, the goal is to experience Christ’s love and power.

This is a different purpose than a Bible Study group, where the goal may be to acquire Bible knowledge and apply it.  Life Groups maintain a healthy balance on four core values: Sharing, Study, Prayer, and Service.

  1. Share: Sharing is a time where you get to know others and where you allow others to know you, specifically to allow others to know the concrete ways in which you are currently looking for God to act in your life.
  2. Study: Life-change takes place when both God’s truth and the power of the Holy Spirit operate on our hearts. The clearest and most certain place where truth can be found is in the Scripture. For this reason, our groups will be driven to and driven by the Bible.
  3. Pray: The purpose of the prayer time is to take the truths of the biblical text and “pray them into the heart” of each individual and the group.
  4. Serve: Jesus came “to seek and save the lost.”  The activity, which energized his life, was looking out to needs beyond his own:  not an obsession with caring for himself.  The starting point for mission is the other members of the group and it grows towards those outside the group. As long as people come to Life Group primarily for what they can get out of it, rather than for what they can contribute to it, the group will be unhealthy and anemic.

Life Groups meet three times a month and are made up of 9-12 adults plus kids. Usually, they meet around 6:30pm to have dinner together with the group wrapping up around 8:oopm.

Below is a list of Life Groups by location, if you have questions about our Life Groups or which one might be a good fit for you please email Philip Von.


Life Groups by Location | NORTH of Geigertown

Birdsboro (rural)
Exeter/Reading/Mt. Penn
Mohnton/Flying Hills
Morgantown (Weaver Hill/Rt. 10)
Sinking Spiring/Shillington

Life Groups by Location | SOUTH of Geigertown

Chester Springs/Glenmoore/Exton
New Holland/Narvon/Honey Brook