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December 10th  |  10:45am - 12pm

The Advent of Christmas -  Experience a fresh perspective on an ancient tradition in this modern musical. Inspired by traditional themes of the Advent season, The Advent of Christmas celebrates the Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace, and Love found in Christ. This production includes the traditional Christmas narrative from Luke 1–2 and other passages that highlight the birth of Christ and why His arrival matters. So, whether you’re facing hopelessness, doubt, depression, fear, anxiety, or any of life’s burdens, we invite you to be renewed this Christmas by the Light that shines in the darkness. 

December 17th  |   6:30pm - 7:30pm

Christmas Party - All of the church and the community is invited to spend the evening with us drinking hot cocoa,
playing Christmas trivia and other games, singing carols
enjoying each other's fellowship in this evening 
celebration of Christmas.

December 24th  |  10:45am - 12pm

Christmas Family Service - This child focused Sunday will be filled with our k.crew choir presentation, a Christmas story read by

Pastor Paul to the children and a family oriented sermon for all. Our children, ages 5 and up, will join with us during this hour. 

No Sunday Schools, but nurseries will be available for this service.

December 24th  |  6pm - 7pm

Christmas Eve Service - You're invited to celebrate the birth of our Savior at our Christmas Eve service! This will be a time to gather together and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and will conclude with carols by candlelight.

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