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The Church Scattered

Hello Church Family,

In this unusual time of constantly changing circumstances, we would like to update you on our plans for church activities moving forward. Even though this virus is disrupting many things, Sunday is still the Lord's day, and we encourage you all to set apart Sunday morning to worship Christ and open your heart to his word. In the links below we've included some resources that we hope will help up us stay connected to Christ and one another through these uncertain days. 


Although we cannot be present physically together, there is something real and significant about uniting our hearts in worship and the word at the same time. That being said, what we are doing (online video) is no substitution for the real thing. It is nothing close to the biblical pattern and requirement of what a church (the ecclesia/assembly) is to be and do. It is still good, but a lesser good, one that hopefully whets our appetite for the real thing.

Scripture reminds us that one of the reasons we meet together is to encourage one another to hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, and to consider how to stir one another to love and good works. We've said all along that the church isn't an organization it is an organism; that it's not a building it is a body, and that there is far more to being part of the church than taking in preaching and singing along. Members are to use their gifts and the body is to build itself up in love as we've been learning in our study of Ephesians. Please remember that there is a great danger in times like these of becoming self-focused and individualistic. Pray for the unity of our church during this unique season. Contribute to the strengthening of the body by calling someone, sending a text, or reaching out some other way. Plan to do something tangible to reinforce the interconnectedness of the body of Christ.

As you communicate with others, seek to encourage and demonstrate love. Look for needs. Pray together and discuss God's word together. Our prayer is that this time would increase our longing to gather together again as soon as possible.


If there are challenges we can help with, please don't hesitate to contact a pastor, your small group leader, or one of our deacons.

We're praying for you and with you as we patiently wait on the Lord and trust in his care.

See the links below to view the resources we've developed for this season:

Sunday Services

Worship with Us from Home

k・crew Resources

Love Your Kids and

Lead Them to Jesus

Weekly Devotions

& Prayer

Stay Connected to

Our Church Family

Give Help.Get Help

For Those in Need &

Those Who Can Help a Need

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